Design-led Innovation

Our Practice

            FSD CONSULTING is a reputed, award winning , Bangalore based , multi-disciplinary design firm engaged in the practice of design-led innovation. Since its inception in 2001 , the firm has demonstrated its core values of constant innovation , people centric solutions and design excellence through the execution of several projects in the healthcare industry , institutional projects , residential sector and a range of other public and semi-public ventures .


Our Philosophy

            Our vision , our quality of thought and our actions need to go beyond mere business routines and process.The ability to impact with the work we do , with the values we believe in and the intent within ,should be the prime reason to leap beyond existence and seek newer paradigms of involvement , inspiration and innovation. We believe Design is the harbinger of change and an agent of impact capable of exploring newer frontiers in thought leadership.

The two key drivers of business life cycles or shall we say the key drivers of manifestations are productivity and creativity,the two major streams of human pursuit.The former dwelling on the platform of knowledge and the latter on Imagination.When the two streams are harnessed in tandem one tends to witness newer outcomes that many refer to as “ being innovative “ but we believe this precise thought actively realized at the intersection of Imagination and knowledge is the birthplace of “ DESIGN –LED INNOVATION”.

Design is not a commodity,it is philosophy in practice.Design-led innovationis a process of continued evolution in defining quality of life and it's interaction with the changing realms of time and reality .It is the backdrop that allows for life's drama to unfold and at times the foreground while man tries to identify a new era .It serves as the unapologetic manifestation of mankind's wealth and the lack of it. The most defining application of design is “mindful action ”.

Our Work

Concerns that bother every CXO are :

How can I grow my business?
How can I increase productivity ?
How can I optimize on processes and costs?

We work with CXOs of organisations and institutions with our expertise in problem solving , innovation and design thinking in

With this concentrated effort and focus we ably redefine the problem and state it in a manner that allows for lateral thinking and brings with it a bouquet of solutions that are then implemented.