Our Practice

FSD CONSULTING is a reputed, award winning, Bangalore based, architecture firm engaged in the practice of Architecture, engineering , interior design and real estate development. Since its inception in 2001 by founder-architect Vishal, the firm has demonstrated its core values of constant innovation, people centric solutions and design excellence through the execution of several projects in the healthcare industry, institutional projects, residential sector ,commercial spaces and a range of other public and semi public spaces.


Our Philosophy

We believe that "architecture" is the physical manifestation of the "inner self" and we at FSD CONSULTING seek to explore the "inner self" both as a provider and as a receiver.

Often, the answer to everything lies "within" and what the answer tends to seek is the "right" question only to reveal itself , which leads us to believe that every constraint or situation in every project works only towards revealing what lies "within"... just as we believe that "every brick knows what it wants to be".

Our Work